The Burrow!



The Burrow at Nottingham Climbing Centre is the best kids party venue in the Nottingham area! It is a tunnel exploration site on four levels, twisting and turning, bobbing and weaving, to give fun and excitement in a completely safe environment. Parents and friends can look in at several points to see what their youngsters are up to, and watch how much they are enjoying themselves.

burrow video

But that’s not all! As well as the Burrow exploration experience, kids parties at Nottingham Climbing Centre also provide the excitement of climbing up on ropes, with easy climbs for tinies through to more challenging routes for bigger kids.

Then when they’re ready for a rest and something to eat, we have two lovely private party rooms where they can have party food and drink, either provided by us or you can bring your own, which ever you prefer.

Cost varies according to how many are coming- for example, a party of 8 (for 2 hours) would cost £40 for an Instructor, plus £8 per participant, a total of £104; at 8:1 ratio that’s £13 per child for an unforgettable experience! This includes the use of a Party Room for an hour after the Burrow and Climbing.

Click here to download party invites to print and hand out to your guests