Climbing goes Olympic!

Posted on 11/09/16 in News by Keith Harrison


Yes!  Climbing is one of five sports which will be included in the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

The format will be a single competition featuring Lead Climbing, Speed Climbing and Bouldering.  This will mean acomplete rershaping of international competitions, since at present competitors tend to specialise in only one of these disciplines.  Climbing in 2020 will be evaluated by the governing body of the Olympics, with a decision to be made about permanent inclusion thereafter.  If that goes in favour of retaining climbing, it may be that the three disciplines may be split apart going forward, but that cannot be predicted with certainty.  What is certain is that Climbing is set to receive a massive increase in publicity, and with that will no doubt come an increase in popularity.

shauna portrait crop

Great Britain is well placed to play a major part in international competition climbing, with the victory of Shauna Coxey (above) in the World Bouldering Championships.  Having the World Champion will surely encourage many people to give competition climbing a try themselves, just as Team GB’s success in Cycling at the Beijing Olympics paved the way for succeeding waves of achievement at London and Rio.  Nottingham Climbing Centre introduced Leah Crane to climbing, and Leah is a top professional climber, having twice won the British Bouldering Championships.  Here’s Leah competing at the Rocover Bouldering Rocfest in 2011.

leah splits

With talent like this in GB, we can look forward to an even brighter future for British climbers on the world stage.  Maybe one on our NICAS youngsters will be up there one day!



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