Dynamic Fitness

You can use Climbing as a methodology for building optimum physical and mental conditioning.

The big difference between climbing and many other physical sports is that as soon as you leave the ground you are exercising your whole body and your whole mind. Climbing uses almost all of the muscles in your arms, legs and body core. It demands total concentration- which hold am I standing on? Which hold am I grasping? How will I move to minimise the risk of tiring myself out, or falling?

We have a gym equipped to develop the body you need to optimise your climbing capability, and a qualified gymnastics and climbing coach who has won the UK indoor climbing championship. She runs regular coaching sessions which are free to all Centre Members to enable you to be the climber you wish to be. You can climb at our Centre to prepare you for climbing on rock outdoors, or equally you can use climbing to build dynamic fitness- to sculpt your body and mind through movement and concentration.