Experienced Climbers


If you are a competent Boulderer, you can join as a Bouldering Member without needing to watch the Bouldering Safety Video. Just fill in the Online Registration Form, then you’re good to go! We have three different Bouldering zones for you to tackle, including the very latest designs of multi-dimensional angled panels, volumes to add variety and interest, and textured and moulded panels which replicate real rock. We also have a Training Room with steeply angled cracks and crimps, and a Rock Gym to develop your strength and optimum physique for climbing.

By the way, when you’re an experienced Boulderer, you may wish to sign up for our Bouldering-To-Roped-Climbing Conversion course- it runs for two hours, and costs £13 (which includes loan of harness and belay device). Alternate Wednesdays at 7pm. Book online if you wish- just go to the Book tab.

Roped Climbing

If you can put a harness on correctly, tie in using a double figure-of-eight knot, and belay safely using a standard belay device, then you can register as a Competent All-Climbing Member on the Online Registration Form. When you arrive, we’ll pick up your details off the computer, register you as Competent, issue you with a Membership Card and away you go!

By the way, if you’re interested in improving your skills as a climber, you might wish to consider signing up for our six week Climbing Academy programme. It consists of a series of sessions about how you climb and how you optimise your physique for climbing. The first series we set up was for 6 people; we had 18 sign up, and that’s as many as we can handle at one time. We are now taking bookings for the next series.


You can use Climbing as a methodology for building optimum physical and mental conditioning.

The big difference between climbing and many other physical sports is that as soon as you leave the ground you are exercising your whole body and your whole mind. Climbing uses almost all of the muscles in your arms, legs and body core. It demands total concentration- which hold am I standing on? Which hold am I grasping? How will I move to minimise the risk of tiring myself out, or falling?

We have a gym equipped to develop the body you need to optimise your climbing capability, and a qualified gymnastics and climbing coach who has won the UK indoor climbing championship. She runs regular coaching sessions which are free to all Centre Members to enable you to be the climber you wish to be. You can climb at our Centre to prepare you for climbing on rock outdoors, or equally you can use climbing to build dynamic fitness- to sculpt your body and mind through movement and concentration.

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