New To Climbing?

How do I start?

Even if you’ve never climbed before, you can still come along and give climbing a try- just check out the panel below headed Novice Climbers!

Can I Climb On My Own?

Yes! There are two ways.


If you have bouldered before (or watched a short safety video) you can join on a Bouldering Membership (un-roped climbing) and come along whenever you like. We have three Bouldering areas, so there’s always plenty to go at. You can also use the Gym and the Training Facilities to hone your skills. Jo Gordon (former British Bouldering Champion) regularly holds coaching sessions which all members are welcome to attend.


Or you can join as a fully competent Roped Climbing member and use the Auto-Belay climbing facilities (see What’s To Climb below to find out what’s involved).

Can i just turn up?


If you haven’t climbed before, you can join as a Bouldering Member after you have watched our Bouldering Safety video, and get stuck in straight away. If you can put on a harness, tie in, belay safely, and boulder safely you can join as a Competent Member and boulder, climb on the Auto-Belay routes, or climb on the ropes with friends. As a competent All-Climbing Member you can also supervise up to two Novice climbers including kids.

What are the facilities?

We have three separate Bouldering (un-roped climbing) zones, several roped climbing areas at every standard, a training zone and a gym designed especially with climbers in mind.


We also have rooms for parties and other events, a Shop where you can purchase climbing gear, plus a splendid kids adventure area and a cool cafe serving pizza, panini, cakes, espresso coffees and soft drinks.

Options For Children

Youngsters have two ways of getting into climbing.


They can come with parents on a Family Introduction session, or with parents’ permission with a Certified Competent Member of the Centre who can supervise them. Or they can come on a Taster Session to see if they like climbing, and if they do, sign up for the National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme, which is a series of five Certificates of Achievement led by Qualified Instructors (see the Kids tab on this website for details and booking arrangements).

How do i get started?

Just choose from the alternatives listed below, register for Membership online, turn up, and you’re good to go!

what should i wear?

Loose fitting clothing, such as a track suit, is fine, plus trainers. Those with long hair should tie it back so it doesn’t get tangled in the rope. If you wish, you can rent special rock climbing boots, or buy some at our Shop.


We provide ropes for top-roped climbs and auto-belay climbs; you have to use your own rope for lead climbing (if you’re not sure what all this means, check out ‘What’s To Climb?’ on this website).


Making a start into climbing?



Already into climbing?



Hi! I'm Evie. Let me tell you what's on offer for students...



Getting youngsters into climbing?



Thinking about a party for kids at the Centre?



At Nottingham climbing centre we cater for all ages and levels of ability, creating a bespoke experience for your Group which blends fun and physical exercise with a little touch of excitement in a safe environment.



Want to do climbing in a programme to build new levels of fitness in mind and body?


What’s to climb?

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