Novice Climbers

If you are over 18, there are two ways to start.

The first way is to join as a Bouldering Member, which means you can start climbing as soon as you arrive at the Centre, able to climb on all the unroped climbing (bouldering) zones. Just fill in the online Registration Form below, answering No to the questions about roped climbing and Yes to the question about having watched our video about bouldering (which you must watch when you arrive at the Centre before you start climbing). Then you’re ready to give it a go!

If you would like more tuition on how to boulder than is incorporated into our bouldering safety video, you can book a one hour tutorial session with one of our Instructors covering technique as well as safety- call 0115 9988233 to book a Bouldering Tuition session at a time of your choosing (subject to us sorting an Instructor for you).  The cost is £15, and includes free Life Membership of the Centre and the loan of rock boots if required.

Online Registration Form

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The second way is to join as a Roped Climbing Member also known as ‘competent member’ which means you can use all the climbing facilities at the Centre.  Please complete the online Registration Form answering No to all the questions then schedule an appropriate introductory course-  there are three types of introductory course:

the first is our Introduction To Climbing Course which  comprises a set of three two hour sessions teaching you all you need to know about how to climb safely and well.  It covers bouldering, putting on a harness, tying a rope into the harness using our recommended  knot (a double figure-of-eight) and how to belay another climber.  It also covers how to climb intelligently and safely, and how to use the Auto-belay devices.  This course runs on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday mornings and other times (see the online Book Tab for currently scheduled sessions) costs £55 for the three sessions; this includes Life Membership of the Centre, entrance, and loan of harness, belay device and rock boots if required.  People tell us they are still climbing with others they met on this course!

the second course is the Climbing Introduction Taster is primarily for people who have done some climbing before, but are not sufficiently skilled in ropework to be assessed as Competent.  This is a single session of two hours, run on Tuesday and Thursday evenings and Sunday morning (see the online Book Tab for currently scheduled sessions).  The cost is £20; this includes Life Membership of the Centre, entrance, and loan of harness, belay device and rock boots if required.

the third option is to take the Bespoke Introduction to Climbing course, which consists of three two hour sessions as a set of events tailored to your personal needs.  This is essentially the Introduction To Climbing course, designed around you and booked at times of your choosing.  The cost is £35 per session, £85 for the three session set.  Please ring to book.

You can book online for options one and two- just go to the Book tab on this website to find the course for you, and sign up.

When you have done your introductory course, you will be registered as Competent and you will be able to climb confidently in all the areas of the Centre, roped and unroped. You will also be able to bring along and supervise up to two under 18s or adults who have not yet themselves registered as Competent.

Whichever of the three introductory sessions you go for, we offer a follow-up deal of three climbing visits for £20 including entrance, hire of harness and belay device plus rock boots if required.

We also run a special session for families to join as a Group, so that a parent or parents can learn how to become Competent to supervise their child(ren). Follow Link below to book.

Family Taster Session

If you’re under 18, there are two ways to join. You can kick off with a Taster Session to see how you take to climbing (Little Monsters 5-7 years, Varmints 8- 16 years), follow Link below to book, then if you wish, sign up after this for the NICAS (National Indoor Climbing Award Scheme) programme, which earns you Certificates of Achievement and takes you through from first steps to fully competent.