Code of Practice during COVID-19

The Centre’s responsibilities:

1:    Conduct full Risk Assessment and implement all necessary actions

2:    Ensure all appropriate communication to staff and visitors in place

3:    Ensure all cleaning and sanitizing measures in place

4:    Ensure all Social Distancing measures in place and monitored 

5:    Ensure as far as possible that no-one with COVID19 symptoms visits the centre

6:    Ensure Action Plan in place should someone with COVID19 visit the centre

7:    Provide Personal Protective Equipment as required


Customers’ responsibilities:

1:    Familiarise yourself with all aspects of COVID guidelines as they apply to your visit

2:    Come to the centre ready to climb; no changing facilities will be available

3:    Pay via the website or by card for anything you wish to buy; no cash handling on site

4:    Don’t come if you have any symptoms of COVID19, including a continuous cough, feverishness or raised temperature, loss of taste or sense of smell

5:    Let the centre know immediately if you exhibit symptoms of COVID19 within two weeks of your visit

6:    Stick to the Social Distancing guidelines before, during and after your visit

7:    Apply Hand Sanitizer on arrival and regularly whilst climbing