COVID19 Risk Assessment

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Ref No: Ncc-01 Company: Nottingham Climbing Centre Risk Assessment

Assessment type Assessment date Assessment carried out by
Initial 20th July 2020 Keith Harrison
Location within workplace
212 Noel St New Basford Nottingham NG7 6AT

Description of activity being assessed Persons specifically at risk
Employees and/or visitors encountering a person infected by COVID-19 and measures to be taken if they suspect they are infected with COVID-19 All employees and customers

Severity Probability Rating S x P = Risk rating 9 =H/ 4 to 6 =M/ 1 to 3 =L

No. Significant hazard
Control measures needed Control measure in place
No Yes
Staff working at our premises during COVID-19 outbreak
We will ensure we are aware of staff who are at increased risk of severe illness from coronavirus (COVID-19) as defined by Public Health England, and individually risk assess them prior to reaching a decision on allowing them to work at our premises.
We will ensure all necessary control measures as required by Public Health England, WHO and the Government are adhered to as far as is reasonably practicable.
Staff working at our premises during COVID-19 outbreak (continued) To protect our staff, we will remind staff to only come into work if they are not displaying COVID-19 symptoms and no-one in their household is self-isolating due to COVID-19 symptoms or a positive COVID-19 test result.
Staff should be reassured that staff with symptoms (or anyone in their household with symptoms) will be advised to be tested for COVID-19, and only permitted back to work if they receive a negative test result, or after necessary isolation periods following a positive result.
The social distancing requirements of
2 metres set out by the UK Government will be adhered to wherever practicable whilst at work
Signage displayed reminding staff and customers of social distancing requirements.
When necessary, temperature checks will be carried out on staff when they come to work. Any staff displaying a high temperature will be required to go home.
2. Employees not wishing to return to working from our premises This risk assessment and associated information on the control measures we have in place will be provided to all staff.
3. Employees unaware of
Coronavirus symptoms (new persistent cough, high temperature, loss of taste or smell, shortness of breath) Posters displayed throughout the premises.
Staff aware anyone displaying the symptoms must not come into the workplace and seek a COVID-19 test

4. Implement procedure if person becomes unwell at work and is showing Coronavirus symptoms Inform management you are leaving the premises (preferably by mobile phone).
Go home immediately and adhere to the social isolation requirements in place.
Clean the work area member of staff was working in immediately.
Member of staff requested to arrange for a COVID-19 test ASAP.
5. Member of staff, or someone in their household, is infected with the Coronavirus. Infected staff and staff who were working directly with the infected member of staff must self-isolate at their homes and are not permitted to come into the work environment until their isolation period has passed.
All staff who have been working with the infected member of staff will be informed and a COVID-19 test will be arranged for them if they display symptoms.
6. Member of staff or a customer has come into close contact with person known to have coronavirus (positive test result) Members of staff must self-isolate at their homes and are not permitted to come into the work environment until their isolation period has passed or have a negative COVID-19 test result.
All customers who may have had contact with an infected person will be informed.
7. Person infected with the Coronavirus has been on your premises A deep clean of the area in which the member of staff worked will be undertaken as soon as we are made aware of the situation. .

8. Social distancing not possible in the working environment. Where social distancing of 2 metres cannot be applied we will consider whether that activity is required or can be redesigned.
Additional controls will be introduced where social distancing cannot be achieved to mitigate the risks in line with
Signage displayed informing staff and customers of the social distancing requirements will be displayed at key points.
Social distancing floor marking in place in necessary locations.
Work environment is well ventilated to allow fresh air circulation.
Staff will work in small teams of workers (cohorts).
We will implement additional control measures relevant to our work environment

9. Premises open to customers Signage at entrance requesting persons with COVID-19 symptoms not to enter our premises.
System in place to regulate the number of people entering the premises.
Queuing system in place to allow social distancing to be adhered to.
Reception area, Cafe and shop redesigned to minimise COVID-19 risks.
Plexiglass will be fitted at points of regular interaction between our staff and customers.
Touchpoints and plexiglass will be regularly cleaned throughout the day.
10. Staff travelling to work Staff should travel to work alone using their own transport.
Use of public transport should be avoided where practicable.
If public transport must be used then face coverings should be worn.
11. Lack of personal hygiene: staff or visitors not washing hands, or not using sanitizer as frequently as required. Handwash and disposable drying tissue or hand dryers available at all sinks.
Advise staff and customers to wash hands before leaving home; upon arrival; throughout their time at the Centre; and in line with the NHS/ GOV.UK handwashing guidance.
Hands to be washed immediately after coughing or sneezing.
Handwashing posters displayed around the premises.
Dispose of used tissues within waste bins or suitable container/ bag.
Sanitizing stations and notices at the Entrance and throughout the premises.
12. Lack of cleaning of touchpoints: toilet facilities, kitchen work surfaces, door handles, shared office equipment and other surfaces within the premises Cleaning procedure in place covering all locations, especially those touchpoints numerous people may come into contact with on a daily or twice daily basis with a suitable cleaning/ disinfectant product.
Staff aware to wash hands on a frequent basis and in line with the NHS/ GOV.UK handwashing guidance.
The welfare facilities are thoroughly cleaned on a designated basis by company cleaners.
13. Access and egress not allowing social distancing Special pre-booking system will be introduced to allow staff and visitors to adhere to the 2-metre social distancing requirement.

14. Customers not adhering to Social distancing or surface touching guidelines Provide advice notices on website and throughout the site to ensure all are fully aware of the guidelines. Conduct continuous floorwalking to monitor proper behaviour.
15. Lack of adequate ventilation within the workplace Premises will be kept well ventilated.
Windows and doors will be kept open wherever practicable.
Extraction fans will be used to keep areas well ventilated.
16. Social distancing difficult within toilet facilities Where necessary cubicles or urinals will be taped off to prevent use.
Staff and visitors advised not to enter the toilet facility if not able to adhere to the 2m distancing requirement.
Knock on the main access door or shout before entering to determine if facilities are empty.
17. Social distancing difficult in cramped or narrow places around the building. Staff and visitors asked to wait patiently for others to pass in order to minimise the risks.
18. Lack of procedures when carrying out first aid duties Where possible maintain a 2 metre or more distance away from an individual.
Disposable gloves and apron are available and must be worn whenever carrying out first aid in which social distancing cannot be achieved.
A fluid repellent surgical face mask and eye protection (such as face visor or goggles) should be considered (risk assessed) when there is a risk of contamination with splashes, droplets of blood or body fluids.
Clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water or alcohol sanitizer before putting on and after taking off PPE. Where possible, it is recommended that you do not perform rescue breaths or mouth-to-mouth ventilation; perform chest compressions only.
If a decision is made to perform mouth-to-mouth ventilation use a resuscitation face shield where available (monitor yourself for symptoms of possible COVID-19 over the following 14 days).

19. COVID-19 virus being present on clothes worn at the Centre Staff and visitors asked to launder their clothes regularly, and not change their clothes at the Centre.
Delivery drivers or other visitors visiting our premises: potential source of infection Non-essential persons are not permitted within our premises.
Visitors will be asked prior to arrival if they are suffering from any COVID-19 symptoms (or if anyone in their household is self-isolating). If yes, they are not permitted onto our premises.
Anyone coming onto premises will be informed prior to arrival the safety procedures they must adhere to.
21. Company being unaware of change in requirements from the Government, Public Health England, WHO or the NHS Designated staff will check the GOV.UK website on a scheduled basis for any updates or will sign up to the Gov.UK emails.
Receiving updates from safety advisors or can contact them for advice.
Low risk rating will only be achieved if all the above control measures are implemented.
Current risk rating
Low Medium High
Low is the only acceptable risk rating.
Yes No
Adequate control measures are in place and low risk rating achieved? x

Additional control measures are required from section B to reduce the risk rating to low? x

Review frequency
Low: Changes issued by Government, Public Health England, WHO or the NHS Medium: Within one week High: Immediate action
(stop work until measures in place)

Review Date Date reviewed Reviewed by Signature
14th August 2020

Assessed by Signature Date

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