University of Nottingham Results

Posted on 23/03/17 in Competitions by Steve Frudd

Name Sex Uni Score
Henry Todman M Uni of 236
Chris Madar M Uni of 235
Joe Reskelly M Uni of 172
Tom Bradley M Uni of 168
Jamie Lan M Uni of 147
David Potter M Uni of 145
Daria Schedrina F Uni of 140
Jack Clarkson M Uni of 140
Lydia Patten F Uni of 139
Megan Crothers F Uni of 135
Rogelio Medina M Uni of 135
Anthony Sheard M Uni of 132
Sean Lupdag M Uni of 130
Pippa Ault F Uni of 129
Megan Stillwell F Uni of 128
Max Echert M Uni of 127
Frankie McQueen M Uni of 121
Joe Mullender M Uni of 119
William Townsend M Uni of 115
Andrew Watson M Uni of 114
Alexander Davies M Uni of 110
Ed Shakespeare M Uni of 107
Peter Matthews M Uni of 106
Lee Warren M Uni of 104
Lucy Mather F Uni of 104
Seb Henshaw M Uni of 102
Greg Wilkinson M Uni of 101
Jeremy Rive M Uni of 94
Jess McNeil F Uni of 90
Rebecca Brown F Uni of 82
Monica Marsh F Uni of 69
Eleanor Bayley F Uni of 57

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